Traveling: First Fun Day at Sea

Today is our first Fun Day at Sea. We sleep until about 11am, our first sleep-in. After eating lunch on the Lido, we go to the Ovation Theatre to watch The Marriage Show. There is a cute old couple married 62 years that comes up to the stage. They are so funny! He sings this great song about laughing things off and they tell a hilarious story about how they met. Then four honeymooning couples go up and do some funny improv with our cruise director. After that, we decide to play our first game of bingo. With our cards, we get some pull-tabs. Kurt wins $25, so his stuff is free. I win nothing, naturally. Bingo is horrible, I never even came close. At least we get to play 5 games of it.

We then get ready for elegant night. Kurt looks very handsome in his suit and I wear my black and blue dress that I had bought for the Backstreet Boys cruise. This dress has come in handy many times, I’m so thankful that I bought it! And if it wasn’t for my friend Donette suggesting Dress Barn, I never would have found it. We walk around to different picture stations and take some formal pictures. Hopefully I’ll like at least one photo of us so we can have a nice, fancy photo. Like Kurt said, the last time he dressed up was at our wedding!

Carnival Breeze Elegant Night

I love my husband

Carnival Breeze Elegant Night

Beautiful day, beautifully dressed, beautiful vacation

Dinner at Blush is pretty good. I have West Indian roasted pumpkin soup and barbecued St. Louis style pork spare ribs (which seems weird having on Elegant Night…who wants to eat finger food while dressed fancy?), while Kurt has alligator fritters and lobster tail. Just like the shark Kurt had a few days ago, the alligator fritters are edible, but nothing special. Dessert is an alright apple fritter for me and a delicious cold strawberry and cream soup for Kurt.

lobster tail

Lobster Tail

St. Louis Style Ribs

St. Louis Style Ribs

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter

Strawberries and Cream Soup

Strawberries and Cream Soup

During dinner, the captain makes an announcement. Some poor lady is in desperate need of medical care beyond what the ship can give. We wind up having to make a stop in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, sort of close to some Italian islands, and the Italian coast guard came and got her and her family to take to a real hospital. I don’t know what is wrong with her, but I hope she’s okay. What a terrible thing to happen on what’s supposed to be a glorious vacation! Luckily for the ship, this didn’t jeopardize our arrival time in Dubrovnik, Croatia. So tomorrow, on to Eastern Europe and a new and exciting country that I can’t wait to explore for the first time!

Italian Coast Guard

Italian Coast Guard taking away the poor passenger

Front of Carnival Breeze

Beautiful view from the front of the ship

Carnival Breeze

Kurt enjoying our Fun Day at Sea



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