Cooking: Wish List

Big Green Egg smoker/grill/bbq (XL size)

Big Green Egg smoker/grill/bbq (XL size) (image via Wikipedia)

This past month, Cristina and I were able to finish off a lot of long-term bills which means extra money in our pockets. While I put the extra money into my savings account, I created a wish list of cooking items I want.

A top-notch cutting board: I’ve spied a few at local arts and crafts fairs that I would like. That way I’m shopping local and getting a quality handmade board.

A proper stove: I never really thought about it before until I read this (including the comments), but most electric stoves are stupidly design. It truly doesn’t make sense to have the controls in the back.  Our house was turn-key and is only electric. If I must have an electric stove, I want one with the controls in the front.

A Green Egg: I’ve never met a person who owns the Green Egg of any size who doesn’t use the hell out of it. For those of you who don’t know, it is a smoker, an oven, and a grill. So not only can you have great barbecue, you can make pizza, bread, quesadillas, and pretty much anything else you want on it.   After tasting the pork from the Big Green Egg competitor at Hogs for the Cause (which we will be writing about  soon), Cristina understood why I wanted one. Hopefully, we will have one by summer.

3 thoughts on “Cooking: Wish List

  1. Move that Big Green Egg to the top of your wishlist. Once you get one, you won’t hardly use your stove, except to look at the time on it when you are passing through your kitchen.


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