Healing: Back on Track

The half marathon has come and gone. Our original plan was to take a week or two break from working out. Of course, this translates to a three-week break. In those three weeks, I’ve also took a break from watching what I eat. It’s amazing how ten pounds can come back on so quickly. It’s time to hit the gym again.

It’s also time to start cooking eighty percent of my meals again. It’s time to go back to the farmer’s market to load up on fruits and vegetables. Time to buy fish from trusted markets. If anybody from the bayou saw me fish they would demand my Cajun card back on the spot. In full confessional mode, I’ve only been fishing twice resulting in only four fish that were taken home. And I’ve never been hunting. Thank god for my Cajun blood lines because when I think about it, I’m a terrible Cajun.

But I digress.

I don’t believe that good food means bland food. I’m getting confident enough in my cooking skills that I feel I can alter any recipe to fit both our picky taste buds and our shrinking waistlines. Yet, I’m always looking for help.  One of the blogs I’ve been following lately is memeinge.  There are plenty of healthy recipes on her site that I can’t wait to try out…especially the healthier cookie dough dip.

How do you keep flavor in your dishes while keeping calories low?

4 thoughts on “Healing: Back on Track

  1. I use a lot of Indian spices – turmeric is also really great for fighting cancer-causing cells.

    I also use my rice cooker to quickly steam fresh veggies as a nice side for most meals, yum!


    • I’ve done oatmeal and potatoes in the rice cooker but haven’t done fresh veggies yet. We will have to try that. Your comment also reminded me it’s time to go the International Market!


    • My wife and I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough. I can’t wait to try it and those cinnamon pita chips. They both look so fantastic!


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