NOLA-ing: Louis Armstrong Park

Louis and Mahalia at Louis Armstrong Park

Louis and Mahalia at Louis Armstrong Park

Sometimes you show up to the play with your tickets, and sometimes you don’t. Unfortunately, for us our tickets were still on our hutch when we realized we needed them with us in New Orleans. The Lion King was the reason we bought a season pass to Broadway Across America at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. We didn’t want to drive out of New Orleans during rush hour just to go back home 45 minutes away and get them. Luckily, after a call to the box office, we found out that we could just show up to the theater with our ID and the card we paid with and our tickets would be there. All we had to do was show up early.

What to do with the extra time? Exploring Louis Armstrong Park seemed like a good idea.

The park, which holds the theater, is right where the Treme meets the Quarter. We held hands and walked around looking at all the ducks paired off with their mates. Sitting in the shadow of the Louis Armstrong statue, we listened to what I believe is the greatest recording of all time: West End Blues.

It was just a simple yet wonderful way to spend an hour. And it could only happen here.

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