Eating: Pi Day!

hubig's pies

Hubig's Pies (Photo credit: artbymags)

We  love to eat. We also love movies. Therefore, we love the The Theatres at Canal Place when we want a special treat.

When you by your tickets, you are asked where you would like to sit. This is one of the few theatres I would recommend you sit in the front, due to the ottomans, which allow you to just relax. You are then taken by the usher/waiter to your seat and given menus. I haven’t tried much here, but I do recommend the Roman Artichokes highly. The flatbread pizzas are also very good. The gourmet popcorn is very tasty, but don’t expect them to come out hot…or even warm.

If you need something to wash it down with, you can order the movie size soda. Or, because they only let those of us over twenty-one in, why not order a beer or a glass of wine. A Sazerac goes well with the Parmigiano and Black Pepper popcorn.

However, the real star is for after the movie. Go to the bar (which you can go to without going to a movie) and order the Hubig’s Pie with ice cream. For my readers who don’t live in the Greater New Orleans area, a Hubig’s pie is like a Hostess Fruit pie but actually good.  Seriously, they are fantastic. One of the reasons is they use fruit that is only in season (which means strawberry ones should be coming any day). At the theater, the pie, which is an apple pie, comes out hot and crispy with vanilla ice cream on the side both topped with caramel sauce.

We definitely give it two thumbs up.

3 thoughts on “Eating: Pi Day!

  1. I want to like the Theatres @ Canal Place, but the tall chairbacks block my view of the screen (yes, I’m short). And at those ticket prices, I want to see the whole damn screen without anyone’s seatback/head blocking my view.


    • I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more stadium style. You are right about the prices. It’s a special event type a night for us or a movie that just won’t play anywhere else.


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