Festing: TribeCon 2011

On the eve of last year’s Voodoo Fest, I attend TribeCon at the festival site.  TribeCon is the official interactive conference of the Voodoo Experience.  If you read the website, it wanted it’s attendees to be “inspired by the creative process of the best people in culinary, music, art and drink and make New Orleans culture your muse.”  Pretty lofty expectations.

TribeCon 2011

TribeCon 2011

They were met.

Most of the speakers talked not only about how technology can help your business, but also help out the community.  The talks, done TED style, were informative and fun.  They ranged from how to do a proper presentation to how a website can help improve New Orleans to how communities need more skate parks. The keynote speaker for TribeCon was the founder of Kickstarter.com.

Even though I learned quite a bit from each speaker, the cool thing about this conference was the kids we brought with us.  They were out there networking and exchanging ideas with the speakers and other attendees.  They were showing projects they were working on.  While the credit goes to their team leaders and the kid themselves, it was one of the those days that reminded me how I need to always improve at my job.  If not, I’ll be wasting their time.

TribeCon 2011

TribeCon 2011

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