Eating: A Roast Beef Po-Boy at Parasol’s



The roast beef po-boy that I judge all other roast beef po-boy’s by comes from a small hole in the wall restaurant in Lockport called La Magazine. I’m not sure if the place still exists. This roast beef, slow cooked and shredded, made for a near perfect sandwich. After I moved up north, I haven’t found one as good — yet like everyone else it seems I’m determined to research this subject fully.

Parasol’s roast beef po-boy might be the new sandwich I judge all others by.

With our ladies were having lunch at Commander’s Palace, my friend Eric and I decided to get more simple food. After a couple of misses at a few places with ridiculous wait times for food, we ended up at the corner of Third and Constance. Reservoir Dogs was playing, unedited, on the TV in bar so that’s where we decided to eat.

I didn’t need a menu, but I did need a beer. So Mike, our bartender, fixed me and Eric a NOLA Blonde. Β I ordered the roast beef and not being able to decide between fries or onion rings, I ordered both. Eric, in a seafood mood, ordered a half shrimp and half po-boy. Mike congratulated us choices. Mike was near the perfect bartender.

Nola Blonde Ale

Nola Blonde Ale

When the sandwiches and sides came out, Eric and I halted our conversation right there. This food was too good to spoil with too much talking. The bread, buttered with garlic butter, was a perfect match for the meat in that it could withstand the gravy without becoming too soggy. The fries were piping hot and good, but the onion rings were downright addictive. And the second NOLA Blonde was right at home next to this food.

Roast Beef, Fries, and Onion Rings

Roast Beef, Fries, and Onion Rings

Mike asked us how the food was. I told him the ladies were at Commander’s, but I wasn’t one bit jealous.

P.S.Β  Check out Brett Anderson’s search for the best Roast Beef Po Boy in New Orleans

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