Reviewing: 2011 Year in Review from the Male Perspective

Cristina wrote her Year in Review yesterday, so I figured I give you my take on 2011. So here are my best/worst of awards:

Best Harry Potter Related Product: Frozen Butterbeer. It tastes as if a butterscotch and a cream soda got married.

Worst Harry Potter Related Product: The nausea inducing ride at Universal.

Best Part of our Cruise Excursions: The view at the top of Mayan Pyramid in Coba

Worst Part of our Cruise Excursions: The climb both up and down the pyramid

Best Waiter: Michael at Ohana’s in Disney World. Tell him Darth Helmet sent you. Don’t ask him why.

Best Album: Technically released in 2010, Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz. It doesn’t always work, but that’s only because it has more musical ideas than most bands have in a lifetime.

Best TV Show: Game of Thrones because like a Lannister I always repay my debts.

Best Fried Chicken Sandwich: Phil’s Grill. The breading is Zapps potato chips.

Best Meal (Inexpensive Version): Roast Beef Po Boy, Fries, Onion rings, and two NOLA Blonde Ales   I’m glad I don’t work or live near Parasol’s.  I would never cook.

Best Meal (Expensive Version): The Abruzzo region menu at A Mano. Simple, beautiful, and delicious.

Favorite Fan Boy Moment: Meeting James Marsters and Julie Benz from Buffy and Angel fame was fantastic, but listening to Stephen King read from his new book while holding an autographed copy was truly a special geek moment for me.

Best Tour: We recently took a tour of New Orleans due to a Living Social deal. We got a good guide and learned a few things about our favorite city.

Best Pet: A three way tie: Naya has been my constant companion. We survived Katrina together; we can survive anything together. Spooky is the sweetest creature. In fact, she proves to me that theologians don’t know nothing about a cat’s soul (my apologies to Wilco fans). Finally, there is Button. I should have pushed for Honey Badger for his name. You know why.

Scariest Moment: My diabetic sister deciding to almost pass out during Trombone Shorty’s set at Jazz Fest.

Second Best Decision I Made This Year: Taking Cristina to Cowbell. After our first meal there, she replied that it was the best damn decision I had made in some time. It quickly became out favorite restaurant. I see plenty of repeat business in our future.

Best Decision I Made This Year: Marrying Cristina (pause for awwwwwww). She’s my rock, my best friend, my focus group, my love interest, my everything. Our wedding was perfect. I can’t recommend our vendor’s enough especially Rouses for the catering and Lasting Memories for the photography. It was a perfect day. Everyday after proves that this was the actually the best damn decision I had made in some time.

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