Running: Gear

Cristina and Kurt at the Wild World of Sports at Disney World

Cristina and Kurt at the Wild World of Sports at Disney World

The old saying about running is that the only equipment you need is a good pair of running shoes. When we started running, we were using our everyday tennis shoes. After about two weeks of running, when we both realized that we were committed to this, we headed out to Varsity Sports on Magazine Street.

If I were still teaching marketing, I would ask Varsity Sports if I could bring my class to see what great customer service is. We were greeted right when we entered the building. They asked why were there and set out to find shoes for us. They looked at our old shoes as if they were reading tea leaves. They made us walk to analyze our gaits. They asked about our budget. They then brought out every pair of shoes that fit our needs. Like in Ollivander’s Wand Shop, we weren’t picking the shoe; the shoes were picking us.

However, shoes aren’t the only thing you need. Well, it’s not the only thing I need. I won’t go into details of why I need it, but no run happens without applying Body Glide first.

While, that might be all that runners need, there is quite a few things runners want. Cristina and I both are iPhone users so we both bought a couple of apps to help us with running. C25K and Runkeeper have both helped us out tremendously. The C25K app is great for beginners especially since it tells you when to run and when to walk. Recently, we downloaded the Run Training app because it had training programs for 10k, Half-Marathons, and Marathons. We also bought arm straps for our iPhones, but today’s announcement might soon make that obsolete (actually, it won’t).

ESPN Wide World of Sports -- runDisney Headquarters

ESPN Wide World of Sports -- runDisney Headquarters

Runners Expo at Disney

Runners Expo at Disney

The day before the Disney Halloween 5k and the Food and Wine Half Marathon, Disney held a runners expo. Of course the one thing I am looking for couldn’t be found: clip on sunglasses. Cristina did find some hydration belts that she liked so when we start doing the longer distance runs, we won’t have to carry our bottles. We also bought some Disney 2012 Half Marathon In-Training shirts to help motivate us to run it next year.

The next morning, we laced up our shoes, applied Body Glide, and attached our belts for our 5K in Animal Kingdom the next morning.

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