Running: Sidelined by the Dreaded f-word

runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon

Our 5K will take us through Animal Kingdom (Image by insidethemagic via Flickr)

After our first 5K in Lockport, we were excited about keeping to our running schedule.  We live on the east bank to the Mississippi River and are lucky to have paved biking/running paths on the levees.  We were all set to go run on the west bank levee every other day this past week. Why the west bank when we live on the east bank? Simply, it is for the anonymity. Being teachers, we know if we go run on the levee nearest our house, we will have at least two students recognize us each time. Then we have to answer all the questions that come with it. It’s sweet really, but running is for us. So we usually head to the west bank.

Tuesday, we were really excited to get our run in. Cristina came home from a field trip a little achey and tired. We both though nothing of it and thought it was nothing a nap couldn’t cure. When I went to wake her up, however, something was wrong. She was as hot as the asparagus and mushrooms I just baked. She was running a low-grade fever.

And the fever went on till Saturday. Friday, she seemed to be recovering only to have it start getting in the scary neighborhood of 104. Time for the emergency room. Not really for them to treat the fever, not much you can really do, but to make sure it wasn’t something deadly serious. Luckily, all tests determined that it was lowercase f flu. She was given some token antibiotics and was prescribed what we were already doing.

The whole time she was suffering from this, my body decided it was a perfect time for a sinus infection. Running is again something that is for us, to do together. We still need each other for encouragement and to help monitor each other. In other words, we had a second week off. The smoke and tropical storm gave us our first week off. Hopefully, Cristina will be able to run by Wednesday so we can get some decent runs in before we head to Orlando for the Disney Halloween 5K through Animal Kingdom. Wish us luck!

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