Festing: The New Orleans Seafood Festival.

Cristina, having spent Saturday morning administering the ACT, and I (who spent the morning watching Buffy and Angel) headed around noon to Lafayette Square to enjoy the food and music of the New Orleans Seafood Festival.  It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky.  I really wish there would have been clouds.

We were both starving by the time we arrived so we headed straight for the food.  Cristina ended up with Crawfish Bread, the Corn and Crawfish Soup, and a crab cake.  While the Crawfish Bread was good she did find it had the made yesterday kind of taste to it.  As far as the soup, she felt the crawfish were a little too swampy.  The crab cake was by far the best of the three.  As for me, I went with the diet killer known as the Zydeco Stick.  This was a kabob of shrimp, jalapeño sausage, chicken, and mushrooms dipped in batter and deep-fried.  Maybe it’s my new health kick but I thought the mushrooms had most flavor.  I also supplemented that with some very good crab fritters.  The only problem with the fritters was that it made me crave the superior Shrimp Boulettes from the French Food Festival.   For dessert, Cristina insulin loaded with ultra rich bananas foster, Creole cream ice cream inside a cake doughnut from Blue Dot Donuts.

There were plenty of crafts also on display.  Cristina picked up some earrings made of trashed bottle caps.  We then got the lawn chairs out and watched most of Kermit Ruffins‘ set.  However, the lack of clouds and lack of a spot in the shade got the better of us.  We left sun drained.  However, no matter how bad we felt I kept thinking it could be worse: I could have been at the Journey concert. *shudders*

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