Running: Walking to Raise Cancer Awareness

Lockport 5k Race

Getting geared up for the race.

5k race in Lockport

And we're off!

On September 11, we traveled down to Lockport to run a 5K Fun Run to help with Cancer Awareness.  The only problem was that Cristina woke up sick that morning.  However, we were going to complete the 5K no matter what.

The start and end of the race was at the Bayou Side Park on the Company Canal.  The town of Lockport has done a great job in making this an attractive place for people to meet.  The park has a nice walking track, sign posts explaining the history and science of the region, benches and plenty of shade.  The only thing the park doesn’t have, and there really isn’t a way to correct this, is ample parking.  The event had a DJ, health screening and plenty of treats for sale.

The race started earlier than we were told it would so we didn’t get a very good warm up.  It really didn’t matter because Cristina truly wasn’t feeling well.  So we power walked most of it.  I pointed out where friends of mine grew up, where relatives lived, and where I went to school.  We passed in front of the church where we got married.  We actually finished the race in forty-seven minutes.  The first couple of weeks that we started the Couch to 5K (C25K) it would take us thirty-eight minutes to run walk two miles.  When we are both feeling well we are confident we can break the forty minute mark.

Even though we really only ran about three-quarters of a mile, we know we can be successful at our next 5K: The Wine and Dine 5k in DisneyWorld.

5k race in Lockport

Pushing through until the end.

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