Running: Hopefully Not out of Breath

Lafreniere Park

Due to the heat, it’s a lot darker, when we run. (Image via Wikipedia)

Cristina and I have decided to take on a new adventure: running. Why? Mainly because we are out of shape and need to get fit. Also, it is something that can sometimes be fun that we can do together. When it’s not fun, like when we are huffing and puffing and worrying about can we make it to the end of our route, at least we have each other for support.

We are doing the Couch to 5k program. We have been running at Lafreniere Park. We could run closer to home but being lazy teachers during the summer, going there lets us actually get out of our house once in awhile. I’ve always like Lafreniere Park as a place to go walk or hang out. It’s nice and peaceful towards the eastern end and full of noise and sports on the west end. Plus, it gives us a two mile loop which lets us think both in time and distance. However, with school starting soon, we will probably switch our runs to the levee.

The best thing about starting this program is that we have been way more conscious of what we are eating. I don’t want to say we are dieting especially since I made almondine sauce for our red snapper yesterday. We are just trying to stick with real food. We are looking at ingredients on the few box things we buy such as cereal. We are keeping track of calories with This is especially important for me since my recent trip to the doctor showed I improved in all areas except my cholesterol.

The second best thing about running so far was our trip to Varsity Sports  on Magazine Street.  We walked in told them what our goals were and that we were looking for a pair of running shoes.  Instead of asking us what brand we wanted like a big shoe box store would, they examined our current shoes as well as our gait.  They then picked out shoes that would be good for us and brought out every pair that matched those qualifications.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Our first race will be on October 1 in a pretty cool location. More on that later.

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