Traveling: Sulmoma, or Home

There are very few reasons an American would ever go to Sulmona, Italy, unless you are George Clooney and you are making a movie called The American. Very few people in this town can speak English…actually only those that have gone to college recently. It’s a modest size town with a medieval, and fully functional, aqueduct and a stature of Ovid, the town’s favorite son. It is big enough for the Pope visit, but doesn’t really appear in any of tourist guides. So why go there and how did it end up being the one place I vow on visiting again and again?

Dino Cavicchia

Dino Cavicchia, May He Rest in Peace

Because Cristina is from there. More specifically, it’s where her father was born and raised before he set out for America. So, it is where Cristina is from and if we have children, it where they will be from too. Continue reading