Wedding: The Great Adventure Begins

First of all, let us apologize for the long pause in our blog, but we do have a very good excuse. Weddings demand all your free time the couple of weeks before the big day especially if you are the wedding planners as we were. Also, timing a wedding with the closing of the school year for two teachers might not have been the smartest idea.

Yet not only did we survive but our big day was about as perfect as a day as you can get.

The church was beautiful, the service was perfectly executed, the food at the reception was fantastic, and the music was the perfect mix for everyone present.

We’ve have lots of things to write about to catch up including lunch at Drago’s, a supper at Ohana’s in Disneyworld, and of course our cruise. Don’t worry; we will only talk about our shore excursions and the food on the cruise. This is a kid friendly blog after all.

I’m just glad we choose not to go to Vancouver.

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