Blogging: Lack of Adventures Even though Adventures is in the Title

We have to apologize for the lack of adventures lately.  We want to go on adventures, we just have to make hard choices.  Of course, we wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival, the French Quarter Festival, and Jazz Fest.  It’s killing me slowly to not be at Jazz Fest as I type this.  I will show

The Carnival Liberty cruise ship

This may or may not be the cruise ship we will be on (Image via Wikipedia)

amazing restraint by not going see Wilco on Thursday. Yet, Cristina and I  wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s ok not going on our adventures for now.  Why?  Because we are about to go a greatest adventure yet: marriage.

We have almost all the plans set.  We just have to pay for it all and we aren’t the kind that likes to use credit cards.  We are ready for the day, May 28, to come.  Then we will have more adventures to post in this blog.

We still will post about my adventures in the kitchen.  Cristina found a couple of her dad’s recipes, and I will attempt to make them.  We will post the results. We just visited Cristina’s family in Panama City Beach so we will report on some of the places we go when we are there.  We will be going on a Carnival cruise for our honeymoon to some very cool locations and we will post about that.  Don’t worry this blog will stay kid friendly. I will try to post some more Europe blogs if I have time.

However, the wedding and the end of school may cut the number of blogs we write, and we do apologize for that.

2 thoughts on “Blogging: Lack of Adventures Even though Adventures is in the Title

  1. That is it’s own adventure. Marrige, I look forward to reading and seeing photos. Best wishes, and many blessings to you both.


    • Thanks! The wedding, with the exception of a few minor touches, is all planned out. Hopefully, we will get some beautiful weather to go with it. Again, thanks!


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