Cooking: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I really should start photographing my food instead of relying on Wikipedia for images of my chocolate chip cookies. (Image via Wikipedia)

On the second day of our Super Shower Weekend, as I am now calling it, my family treated Cristina to a shower, so I decided to treat her to some  chocolate chip cookies. She did have some of her family there, but it was mostly my family. However, I didn’t just sit at home and watch sports. I baked cookies and watched sports.  Because I’m that manly.

Specifically, I made chocolate chip cookies from this recipe. This was the second time I’ve tried to make chocolate chip cookies. The first time, I tried merging two recipes together. That batch was ok, but came out a little too buttery. This time I followed the recipe from Epicurious exactly. I even used my new hand blender with the whisk attachment. Yes, I did look a little like Tony Montana when I started adding in the flour. And, I did find cookie dough in odd places a week later. It was worth it. This batch was better than my first attempt. I didn’t cook them all right away opting to put some in the fridge to cook later in the week. Those came out just as good.

However, they aren’t where I want them to be just yet. I think it needs a tad more vanilla. Also, I think I will throw some of the chocolate in the food processor, chop them up real fine, and add some to the mix. Not enough to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies but enough to add a little depth.

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