Cooking: A Freshly Organized Kitchen

When we moved into our house, school literally started the next day. When it came to the kitchen, we basically just threw stuff into the cabinets mainly to to just have the boxes unpacked. It worked for a while. Then, I asked Cristina to marry me.

Due to the number of the wonderful presents we are getting, our kitchen was in desparate need of of some reorganizing. Yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the day off and empty our cabinets. Five hours later we have the kitchen setup like we want.

Now, I have room for my brand new coffee maker. Unfortunately, due to Eric’s influence of giving me gourmet coffee, I understand now how horrible stuff like Folgers is. Ah, ignorance is not only bliss but a hell of lot cheaper as well.

I also now have space for my new imulsion blender. Luckily, we got the one with the whisk and a food processor attachment. I’ve already made cookies using the whisk attachment. I’ll try to post the recipe next week.

I also now have place for all my baking ware. Seriously, I think my friends and family are trying to give me a hint. Maybe, my family thinks I’ve inherited my mom’s gift for baking. When it comes to cakes, I haven’t actually made anything yet that wasn’t in a box. Now, I don’t have any excuse not to bake. Well, except the ones I’ll make up.

Also, Cristina and I found a wall shelf for our pots and pans half off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This was a huge space saver for us. Our house is a town house so we don’t have the biggest kitchen. In fact, our pantry also doubles as a linen closet. By attaching this to the wall and hanging our pots and pans, we emptied out two cabinets.

The best thing about having a now organized kitchen: it begs for me to cook. Everything is in it’s right place just begging to be used.

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