Cooking: Apple Cinnamon Pepper Jelly

Saturday morning, I headed to the German Coast Farmer’s Market at the Ormond Plantation to get my vegetables for the week.  I came home with some fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli,  carrots and some spicy hog’s head cheese.  All for better prices than I would have paid at Winn Dixie.  I also came home with a new obsession: Mama Mary’s Apple Cinnamon Pepper Jelly.

The jelly is the perfect amount of sweet and heat.  I made sure we have had something to spread it on at every meal since.  Biscuits for supper and dinner,  just on plain bread for a snack, or with some fresh ground peanut butter from Whole Foods for lunch.  My only problem with is that I bought a small jar, and I will be out-of-town this Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Cooking: Apple Cinnamon Pepper Jelly

    • I immediately thought of pork chops with the apple one I bought, but Cristina is not the worlds biggest fan of pork. I’ll convert her; I just need time.


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