Eating: Figuring Out the Power of Finger Sandwiches

On Saturday at our couple shower (which you can read about here), they had the normal party food:  vegetable/fruit trays, dips, chicken and the ubiquitous finger sandwiches.  What is it about those finger sandwiches that cast a spell over all party guests?

Think about what a finger sandwich is: a quarter of a sandwich with no crust.  Most people will eat just one sandwich if they have to make it themselves.  However, most of us eat the equivalent of two or maybe three sandwiches, sometimes more, when eating finger sandwiches.  If there are chicken salad sandwiches, I’m definitely eating more.

Is it because we didn’t have to make the sandwich ourselves?  Is it because you can pace yourself and still be a glutton?

When I told my caterer that we had invited more guests than what we first thought, guess what food she increased the most?  That’s right, the mighty finger sandwich.

3 thoughts on “Eating: Figuring Out the Power of Finger Sandwiches

  1. Damn right. My sister invited me to Orpheuscapade this year and I thought, “eh, maybe I’ll go, I’ll think about it…” and then somewhere I started thinking, “hey, this is an opportunity to eat some finger sandwiches, I’ll go.”


    • It’s the squishy white bread–it’s loaded w/sugar, so your eyes & brain say “mmm, sandwich” and your tastebuds & blood sugar say “yay, dessert”.


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