Cooking: Smothered Potatoes in the Rice Cooker

Tuesday night was steak and potato night at our house. But what kind of potatoes to cook? Baked with all the fixings, or smashed with garlic, or roasted with a couple of different cheeses? Or should I try something new? Then I remember I had a rice cooker. Wait, isn’t a rice cooker just for rice? Well, if it was it would be a waste of counter space.

I decided to make smothered potatoes. I would prefer to do them in cast iron skillet, but that would require me to actually have a cast iron skillet. One day, I’ll have one, just not this past Tuesday. I cut the potatoes into small pieces and diced half an onion. I put the potatoes and about half the onions in the rice cooker pot. I seasoned them with salt, pepper, and a little cayenne. I put enough water in the pot to almost cover the potatoes. I then set the rice cooker to cook.

I then went watch TV for a little while. Well, I watched TV for about forty minutes. The SyFy version of Being Human is starting to get interesting. I then got up and started to fry some bacon in my grill pan. Once the bacon was done, I dried them off and crumbled them placing most, but not all, in the rice cooker. I poured out most of the bacon grease and then cooked my steaks in the same pan.

As soon as the steaks were done, I put them on the plates to let them rest. I then took the onions and sauteed them in the pan. When they were done, I threw them into the rice cooker. I then grated some fresh Parmesan (none of that pre-packaged stuff) on top of them and gave them a final stir. By this point, they were ready to serve. I put the reserve bacon on top to finish the dish off.

I know we will be eating this again…soon.

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