Eating: Abel’s Onion Rings

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been coping with really bad headaches lately. My eye doctor thinks it’s due to my eyesight changing and after waiting a week I am finally wearing a new pair of glasses. Hopefully, this does the trick so I can get back to writing more regularly.

Now for the subject at hand, I was recently cooking some onions to put on top of something. I must have started paying attention to something else, because the next thing I know my onions are burnt. I know Cristina won’t have a problem with this since she like food past well done. I popped one in my mouth and was taken back to when I was around seven. It tasted just like an onion ring from Abel’s Restaurant.

I don’t remember much about Abel’s. I do remember how it cool it was to go to the bathroom because you had to pass through the bar. I remember my dad telling me when I was older and was able to go that side I should always call my girlfriend or wife first because friends of his didn’t and they had to sleep outside while he was able to sleep peacefully in his own bed because he called my mom. I remember the hamburger steak which I do judge all other hamburger steaks by. But mostly I remember the onion rings. Especially, I remember ordering them right before it closed. I think i savored the taste even more making sure I remembered them. They were cut so small and breaded so perfectly that the breading was more of a seasoning. And I remember getting a few of the burnt ones and thinking there aren’t many side dishes that would taste better than this.

2 thoughts on “Eating: Abel’s Onion Rings

  1. Never actually went inside A-bel’s….but I’m sure my arteries bear more than a trace of fat from Noah’s gourmand burgers & malteds. I was always slightly frightened of the very tall ladies (Noah’s daughters?) who worked behind the counter in their white uniforms & hats.


    • Hell, I thought Noah’s was a food group growing up. We ate there weekly probably up until Mr. Noah was killed. I dont think i have eaten there since the family sold it. And yes those girls were his daughters.


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