Traveling: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Travel

This blog started as basically a blog about me learning how to cook with Crisitna writing candidly about what it was like to eat my food. However, our other interests started to creep in and wanted a voice. Well, our other big mutual interest is travel.

While Cristina documented her love for travel in an earlier blog, my love for travel took a bit longer to develop. I was content with watching the Travel Channel. It wasn’t until right after Cristina and I started to dating that I realized that not only do I like to travel but it was good for me as well.

I’m a teacher. However, I also assumed a lot more responsibilities that year outside of being a teacher and a coach. The work wasn’t hard it was just very time-consuming and deadline centric. I was basically causing a lot of stress for myself. Too make matters worse, I had just been through a battery of medical tests to rule out bladder cancer. The tests ruled out cancer (not sure what it was because it cleared up itself), but thinking you might have cancer is not a pleasant experience.

On a whim in the parking lot on the last day of school before the holiday, I asked Cristina if we could go to Disney World for the Easter break. No homework, no calling vendors, no writing newspaper articles. Nothing but riding rides, eating food (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and maybe trying to drink around the world in Epcot. Luckily, her best friend and sister live in the Orlando area so accommodations weren’t that hard to come by. So the day after Easter we packed the car and took off.

What a difference a week makes. I walked in a 35-year-old and walked out a seven-year old. Cristina remarked on our last day that I had smiled for the entire week. Even when I was sleeping.

I came back and handled the rest of the school year with ease. Now, I’m willing to travel anywhere at any time. It’s good for me.

Writing about Europe, Washington, and the Arts Market also make me feel better. Some posts may be silly, exciting, or boring. However, the experience meant something to me. Therefore, if you have been with this blog from the beginning you may have noticed an evolution of this blog. Not only will it be about our dining and cooking experiences, it will be about all of our experiences.

Sometimes, however unlikely, even a trip to an exotic locale such as Kenner can yield an experience worth writing about.

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