Reading: Road Trips

I’m practically finished reading Louisiana Rambles by Ian McNulty. If a book’s main purpose is to inspire the reader to some sort of action, then this book has more than achieved its goal. I’ve got so many road trips planned for Cristina and me that I may have to take out a loan due to the rising gas prices.

For instance, I’ve never been to the Angola Rodeo mainly due to the fact that I have no interest in rodeos. The way that Mr. McNulty writes about the rodeo and the arts and crafts fair, not only do I want to go but I want to bring a pick up truck with me to bring home some of the wares. I’ve driven through Morgan City numerous times. Now, I want to stop and tour Mr. Charlie, the rig museum.

However, to say the book is only for tourist promotion to short changing it. The book goes deeper then that. He captures the people of South Louisiana perfectly. His story about the new state capital not only captures the day he was there, but anyone who has ever been there will experience a little de ja vu. When he meets someone, he makes you feel as if you are meeting them too. Seriously, if you love Louisiana and the people, this book should be on your bookshelf.

Finally, to show how much I liked this book I’ll leave you with this fact about it: I actually put down Angry Birds to read the book.

One thought on “Reading: Road Trips

  1. I’m not a huge rodeo fan myself, but my dad used to work for the prison system so I’ve found myself at the Angola Rodeo many times. The craft fair is definitely worth checking out, you can get some pretty cheap all wood furniture from there. I got my coffee table there about 4 years ago, and its made of cypress, and has withstood a good 3 years of college partying and abuse. they’ll also help you load up your car if you’re buying large pieces.


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