Traveling: Arlington and the National Cathedral

We concluded our trip to the Washington DC area by paying our respect to our serviceman who are resting in the fields of Arlington.  It was cold rainy day.  The sun wasn’t going to make an appearance today.   But when visiting Arlington, the last thing that enters your mind is how the weather conditions are affecting you.

This is our nation’s most hallowed ground.  However, it’s not the only hallowed ground in country.  Anywhere where a solider is buried is hallowed ground whether it is Arlington or a cemetery in your neighborhood.


Our most hallowed ground

JFK's Gravesite

The rain couldn’t stop the eternal flame

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The guard and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

After our visit to Arlington, we headed to the National Cathedral.  An Episcopalian church that serves as a multi-denomination church is one my favorite places in the DC area.  A modern building designed in a medieval style, it seems a little out-of-place here.  Cristina remarked that she felt that she was back in Europe.  The only difference is that the sculptors and stain glass makers were given a little freedom in their designs.  Darth Vader makes an appearance as a gargoyle; unfortunately, without binoculars or a great zoom lens on a camera he is a little hard to spot.  There is also an observation deck at the top of one of the bell towers that allows for some vistas of DC and outlying areas.  The rain made it a little more difficult to spot items but on a clear day this is highly recommended.

The National Cathedral

Darth Vader is somewhere in the back

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