Reading: Meeting Ian McNulty

I grew up on Bayou Lafourche in the sleepy town of Lockport, LA. The kind of town that has no red lights just caution lights. It’s a great small town but nothing ever really happened there. Rarely will you see the word Lockport in the index of the book and if you do you learn about towns in New York and Illinois.



Ian McNulty Sigining His Book

One of the guys in this picture is cheesy and it's the guy on the left.

So when I saw the Ian McNulty had published a book about his travels into Cajun and Creole country, I was praying and hoping Lockport would be in the index. To find out, the fiancée and I drove uptown to buy the book and meet Mr. McNulty at Garden District Book Shop last Thursday. Ian McNulty is the food critic for the Gambit. If you haven’t read his reviews, do so but be forewarned that you will be hungry and be tempted to get your wallet and hop in the car. The staff at Garden District Book Shop was friendly and quickly pointed us in the right place to pick up our copy of Louisiana Rambles: Exploring America’s Cajun and Creole Heartland. We then stood in line for Mr. McNulty to sign our copy. Cristina and I talked to him a little bit about Lockport. He knew about the playhouse in Lockport and wants to get down there to catch a production. Come to think of it, so do I. He then wrote a nice little inscription to both Cristina and I making sure to spell her name correctly. He also gave us some very handy and timely beer cozies with title of his book to help advertise it. That makes me wish I still taught marketing to show my class what good marketing looks like.



And yes, Lockport is in the index.

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