Cooking: Overcooking

After a weekend of eating poorly (at least from a healthy point of view), it was time to get back on the track and eat well. Last night, I pan-fried some tilapia (seasoned with Slap Ya Mama), some fresh green beans with onions and prosciutto, and some out the box risotto. Forgive me the risotto, I wasn’t feeling well and I was already late for our basketball game. Besides, the box version is actually pretty good.

This is a simple and favorite meal of mine to make. Except one time, I started paying attention to the TV while cooking and neglected my green beans causing them to burn. I apologized profusely to Cristina about burning the green beans. However, she loved them more than my regular (and I must say) fantastic presentation. Now, she is genuinely disappointed with them if they aren’t burnt. So, I try to make them edible for me, take out my serving, and then burn the daylights out of hers. Apparently, she is not alone. On a forum the other day, there was actually a recipe for charred green beans. Who knew?

Cristina’s love for charred food (which she of course refers to as blackened) extends to most foods except cookies and steaks. Thank god for those two. I weep when I have to cook a well done steak.

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