Eating: Lüke

Last night, Cristina and I, along with our friends, Eric and Vinny, went to Lüke. It was my choice, and I’m having a rough time remembering why? Was it because I saw pictures of the Lüke burger? Or was I interested in French-German food? Or I wanted to go somewhere better than Copeland’s but with roughly the same prices? I can’t remember so it was probably a combination of all three.

It seems that every time we make the trip to New Orleans, 18 accidents occur on  I-10, so we arrived about 10 minutes late for our reservation. The host didn’t make a fuss. We, in turn, had to wait for our table, which I thought was a fitting punishment for being late. We were seated in the back section right next to the windowed kitchen. Vinny and I both like to cook, so this was a treat for both of us to see. Vinny was also the celebrity of the evening having worked with half the wait staff at a previous restaurant. It seemed that everyone came say hello.

The food was quite good. The seafood gumbo was very good with a nice dark roux. Due to the fact that I live in a household that only has one gumbo lover, I don’t eat gumbo very often. When I get a good one, I tend to not talk while eating it. Cristina got a cup of the crab bisque, and since she didn’t offer me any I’m not sure if it was outstanding or horrible. Eric and Vinny ordered a sausage (not sure which one) and a dozen raw oysters. I’m not sure if Eric ever breathed while eating the oysters. The sausage, which came with smothered potatoes, apples, onions, and bacon, was tasty but lacked a punch. For main dishes, the men ordered the Lüke burgers while the women ordered steaks. The Lüke burger is a $16 burger. I kept thinking of Vinnie Vega from Pulp Fiction in that I needed to know what a $16 hamburger tasted like. And it was delicious. The bacon had that perfect smoky flavor and the Emmenthaler cheese gave it a creamy, melting texture. The fries were also top-notch. Dessert was almost great…if I would have stopped at the first bite. Cristina and I decided to split the “gateau basque” which was vanilla cake with satsuma caramel and crème fraiche. The first bite was so decadent, so rich, so enthralling….I think I had a moment. However, it was too much of a good thing. The sweetness would not stop until it became a sickening sweet. Eric and Vinny chose the bread pudding and kindly offered us some. We politely said no, but I think we both regretted that decision.

Overall, I really enjoyed Lüke. The atmosphere was noisy but not deafening. Sitting next to the kitchen, made me want to try at least four more dishes. Besides, the burger and the steak would make us go back, and our waiter really advertised the roasted chicken as a great dish.

Not sure what I next adventure will be…it’s Cristina’s turn to pick.

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